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Iontra and Ionworks Partnership

Thought Leadership

Iontra and Ionworks Partnership Speeds Up Time to Market With Faster, More Accurate Battery Performance Simulations

Iontra, a leader in innovative battery charge control technology, and Ionworks, a pioneer in the battery modeling and simulation space, jointly announce a strategic partnership to deliver the industry’s most accurate and fastest simulations of Iontra’s groundbreaking battery charge control technology.

Through this partnership, Iontra will utilize Ionworks’ technology, adopting their industry-standard open-source PyBaMM framework, co-developed by the Ionworks team, and leveraging their advanced parameterization technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ionworks to expand the development of our next-generation battery charge control technology. This collaboration enables our customers to reduce their development time and cost to implement Iontra Charge Control protocols in their products” said Manoj Koul, Chief Technology Officer for Iontra.

“Partnering with Iontra allows us to further refine our simulation and modeling technology for real-world battery charging applications,” said Valentin Sulzer, Ionworks Co-Founder and CEO. “By working with the Iontra team and technology, we can ensure our tools are the best in the market, tailored to the industry’s growing needs.”

By combining two world-class technologies, the companies are poised to unlock the full potential of existing and future battery systems.


About Iontra:

Founded in 2013, Iontra is a Colorado-based battery innovation company that dramatically improves the charge speed, cycle life, capacity utilization, cold weather charging, and safety of all Lithium batteries. The company has offices in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Bangalore, India. To learn more, visit

About Ionworks:

Ionworks is a battery software company founded in 2023 by members of the core development team of the leading open-source battery modeling solution, PyBaMM. The company’s mission is to accelerate battery R&D using physics-based modeling and machine learning, with applications from materials development and cell design to BMS and digital twins. Ionworks can significantly reduce the high time and cost associated with R&D by enabling scientists and engineers to replace real experiments with accurate simulations that are a fraction of the cost and far quicker to run. Ionworks’ open-core platform built around PyBaMM is positioned as the go-to tool for battery R&D due to its cutting-edge physics and ease of integration with cloud infrastructure, machine learning, hardware-in-the-loop and endless configurability.

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