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About Iontra

Powered by passion for a greener world.

Iontra’s technology is a breakthrough toward a more sustainable and secure energy future.

We work every day to make people’s lives more convenient, more affordable, safer, and, ultimately, less dependent on fossil fuels. Keep reading to see how we are turning our vision into a world-changing reality.

To become the default charging solution for all batteries.

To accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and ease the world’s climate crisis.

Our technology increases battery efficiency and safety, minimizes premature waste from discarded products, and reduces the use of lithium and other materials in battery production.

It helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint and Scope 3 emissions. Most importantly, it is available today and drives these gains on existing batteries now!

Iontra by the numbers.

Employees from advanced energy organizations.

Over 30 of our staff are PhD and/or engineers. Together, Iontra has more than 250 years collective experience in the energy-sector and over 200 years of semiconductor industry experience.

Iontra’s employees hail from a range of advanced energy and technology organizations, including NASA, Proterra, Nilar, Intel, NXP, Forge Nano, and Texas Instruments. We’re headquartered in Denver, Colorado, one of the fastest-growing tech centers in North America.

Filed or contributed patents.

Our staff have filed or contributed to 75+ patents (approved or pending).

Million hours of battery cycling.

We put in the work: Iontra Charge-Control Algorithms are based on more than 6.6 million hours of battery cycling.

Third-party validation labs.

Iontra technology has been validated by seven studies conducted by University of Michigan, UL Solutions, Novonix, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Validation Reports

Accelerating momentum from day 1.

While the world rushed to develop new lithium battery technologies, a NASA scientist and a seasoned business builder in Denver quietly developed a technology that addresses the root causes of the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. After nearly a decade of research, development and validation, the Iontra charging technology was released, unlocking the full potential of existing battery technologies.

This isn’t our first big idea.

Our investors, founders & leadership team have successfully launched several ventures and products in the energy sector, including the design, creation, and launch of Proterra and the green technology accelerator Cleantech Open.


Visionary investors make breakthrough science possible. We’re grateful these groups support our vision and share in our excitement for the future.

Join us and help change the world.

We have big plans and are looking to add the best and brightest in engineering, operations, patent management, marketing, and more. While some positions offer a remote option, most are based in one of our three office locations: Denver (CO), Plano (TX) and Bangalore (India)


Find out more.

Meet our team and share in the excitement and possibilities of Iontra. We’re eager to further explain our company culture and the opportunities that makes this such a special place to be.