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Your batteries.

Our charging technology.
Unrivaled performance.

Our third-party validated breakthrough Charge Control technology improves battery performance 2x to 4x and your market share - no matter the size, cost, or complexity of your product

We are proud to enable greater sustainability and lowering of carbon footprint for a greener planet.

Revolutionizing battery charging

Conventional Charging vs Iontra

Rechargeable battery cells today suffer from the fundamental vulnerability of plating and dendrite growth on the battery’s anode. This reduces usable capacity as well as battery life and limits charge speed. Iontra’s patented technology prevents this cell damage and unleashes today’s battery’s true performance potential.


CC/CV Charging

Iontra Charging

Charging is no longer a limitation. It’s a competitive advantage.

Iontra delivers longer cycle life, faster charging, safer batteries, and improved cold weather performance for the cells you use today. And we do this while lowering your carbon footprint & helping you meet your sustainability goals.


Increased Performance

You decide how best to use the performance advantages provided by Iontra. Improvements to any combination of cycle life, faster charge, cold weather charging, and capacity utilization are possible, while always maintaining superior safety.


Longer Cycle Life

Replacing batteries often? We can increase cycle life by 2x or even 4x. Our customers are amazed how long their batteries retain like-new performance.



Faster Charging

Tired of waiting for your batteries to charge? Achieve up to 2-4X faster charging with our solution!


Faster AND Safer charging is now possible with Iontra technology. Our solution makes micro-adjustments to charging, thus reducing resistance, eliminating plating, and enabling safe, high voltage charging across the operating temperature range. This significantly reduces the risk of thermal runaways and other operational risks, keeping your products safer for your customers.



Charging Capability

As temperatures drop, so does the capacity and stability of lithium batteries – especially below freezing. Most batteries need to be above 0-10°C before they can charge effectively or risk plating damage. Our technology makes it possible to charge batteries at or below 0°C (proven on packs at -20°C) while keeping the batteries safe and healthy. This is a major step forward for outdoor products such as electric cars, trucks, outdoor battery-operated equipment, and even power tools used at construction sites.


Increased battery life and eliminating electrode damage with Iontra charging drives a lower carbon footprint and Scope 3 emissions for our customers.


Our technology is battery chemistry agnostic and is designed to maximize the performance of today’s and next gen battery technologies including Li-metal, LiS, Zn, Na-ion, Solid state and others.


how iontra does it

Iontra’s key to faster charging and longer battery life? Advanced signal processing and innovative adaptive Charge-Control.

The Iontra charging algorithm is custom engineered for our customers’ product performance goals. Seamless to the user, the battery safely charges faster and lasts longer. Here’s what we do to make it happen – in a fraction of a second.

Charge-Control Technology

Iontra’s proprietary Charge-Control technology gives your products a competitive advantage. We unlock the potential in all batteries for longer life and higher performance, even in extreme cold temperatures

We begin with our experimental process to define boundary conditions beyond the customers’ spec sheet. We generate variations of multiple algorithm parameters, and design experiments to explore a large parameter space.
We evaluate 30-60 different charging recipes, with 1-2 cells per recipe along with controls. We then cycle the cells to 50% of the target cycle life, and examine initial performance data alongside our customer.
Our team cycles replicates of various recipes to 100% of the target cycle life. The conclusion of phases 1-3 generates a final recipe that maximizes performance targets.
Phase 4 involves cycling cells with the final recipe either at the customers' site or in Iontra's headquarters. This produces our final round of statistically relevant new product development data to qualify the recipe for commercial use.

Proven by global industry experts.

Third-Party Validation

Iontra advancements are proven with data and validated by objective industry authorities, including UL Solutions (UL), National Renewal Energy Laboratory (NREL), the University of Michigan, and Novonix. All validation reports are available on request.


Cells cycled at traditional 3C CCCV rates lost 13% [SOH] of the cell capacity, Iontra 3C cells lost [only] 4% [SOH] in the same number of cycles


BTS, September 2021

Iontra capability would be highly beneficial to battery chemistries that suffer from dendritic growth such as those based upon lithium and zinc.

University of Michigan

Dasgupta Lab Report, 2018

The message is clear: Iontra improves cycle life for charge rates greater than spec sheet when compared to industry standard CC/CV charging techniques.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

SDI 25R, 2021

Proof in numbers.

Our performance is backed by millions of hours of battery testing and conclusive evidence from battery teardown analyses, validated by third-party experts.
hours of cell cycling
data processed

Iontra Solutions & Services

The Iontra difference:
working with you.

Our underlying technology is the proprietary Iontra Charge-Control Algorithm, which maintains battery health while greatly enhancing performance. Once you’ve seen it work, it’s hard to imagine charging any other way.

Our Commitment to you

When it comes to big leaps forward, we know that proof is paramount. So we provide specific use case testing and analysis to generate customized Charge-Control, hardware you can test at your facilities with our fourth-generation cycling platforms, and services you need to implement Iontra’s technology into battery-powered products of any size.

On-Site Validation at Your Facility

Seeing is believing. After we have tested your cells and proven what Iontra Charge-Control technology can do for you, we’ll send a cycler so you can observe it for yourself. You will be able cycle cells with your current methodology and with Iontra charging. The result: immediate (and remarkable) improvements in charge speed, cycle life, and other factors. Cycle after cycle.

Battery Characterization and Cycling Services

Send us some of your batteries. We will cycle them targeting your performance goals and send you a full report containing all electrochemical data from the most optimized charging algorithm. Based on cycling data and a physical tear down of your batteries, we demonstrate specific performance improvements for your batteries charged with Iontra technology.

Product Integration Services

Iontra’s proprietary algorithm, licensed and coded with the Charge-Control Recipes, is flashed on an application-specific MCU. This Iontra-enhanced chip delivers your defined improvements to the life cycle, charge speed, capacity utilization cold weather performance, and safety of rechargeable batteries.

Currently we are using commercial MCUs for product integration, we’re also developing our own cost- and performance-optimized battery charger MCU for your products to redefine “best-in-class” performance.


A collaborative team working for a better future.

Iontra’s History

Our experienced team of engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and business professionals have worked on NASA Mars rovers, Proterra’s heavy-duty energy storage solutions, and highly successful product programs at Intel, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, NXP, and other cutting-edge organizations. Multidisciplinary expertise and entrepreneurial drive? It’s a powerful combination.

Learn More About Us

Learn more. And more.

Iontra represents a huge leap forward. But don’t take our word for it alone. Read the data and see for yourself.

Contact us today for a personal presentation or to request an evaluation kit or battery data package.