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Think 50,000 data points are a lot to analyze? How about 50,000 per second? Now add 32 proprietary parameters used to adjust charge signals, preserve battery potential, even predict future cell health down to the cycle. We think you’ll be impressed.

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Traditional charging technology improvements have been incremental.

Iontra charge control technology leaps past all that by focusing on a new charging methodology. Our solution provides a dynamic approach to charging that improves the performance of today’s batteries with only modest changes needed to the products they power.

Iontra Charging is primed to become the new charging standard.

The responsive charge control adapts over the life of the battery and improves performance in a fraction of the time and cost. Integrating our technology with existing batteries and products will reduce total cost of ownership – and offset the initial investment to implement Iontra.

Eliminating electrode plating and reducing battery degradation introduces compelling benefits to our customers.

Our revolutionary approach to battery charging provides dramatic gains in performance. It’s a fast, cost-effective way for products to leap ahead of the competition.

longer cycle life

3X cycle life after 2000 cycles while maintaining charge speed.

End users measure a battery’s useful life in time. By improving current uniformity and decreasing degradation during charging, batteries that once fell below 80 percent of initial capacity in a couple years still perform nearly as well as when they were new.

faster charging

Eliminate damage, speed things up.

Every battery engineer knows CC/CV or step charging is a “constant” problem. Non-uniform current and hitting voltage limits too quickly damages electrodes and decreases charge speed. Iontra’s technology maintains a longer CC period before reaching the CV period, resulting in faster charging.

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Safer Batteries

Improving results while maintaining safety.

Improving results while maintaining safety is one of the holy grails of charging. During charging, Iontra makes micro adjustments based on subtle changes in the battery electrodes. This allows the Charge-Control Algorithm to safely operate in lower charging temperatures and higher charging voltage conditions. By eliminating plating and dendrites, Iontra reduces resistance and internal heating.

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Cold Weather Charging

Winter is no longer the enemy.

Most batteries need to be above 0–10°C before they can charge effectively. With traditional charging, the battery can only accept very low currents. Even then, lithium plating occurs during cold charging, damaging the battery. Iontra enables faster, safer charging in the coldest environments. It’s a major step forward for outdoor products such as electric cars, trucks, and even power tools used on construction sites.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Extend battery cycle life to match product life.

Longer cycle life and reduced damage with Iontra Charging means carbon footprint savings from recycling/disposal as well as lower Scope 3 emissions for our customers.

Future Proof

Longevity and compatibility for all.

Iontra has already demonstrated the ability to improve performance on multiple battery chemistries, including lithium-metal. Our algorithm is designed to achieve improvement over battery cell spec rates for many popular cell types, and to support future zinc- and lithium-based battery formats.