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Iontra Charge Control technology receives UL CB Safety Certification!

Safety is a key concern for our customers in battery charging and especially for fast charge technologies such as ours. We are excited to announce that the Iontra Charge protocol has successfully achieved safety certification from UL Solutions on two widely used cylindrical rechargeable battery cells from a leading manufacturer:

→ 2500 mAh 18650 cell
→ 3000 mAh 21700 cell

The cells, cycled with Iontra charging, successfully passed both IEC 62133-2:2017 and IEC 62133-2:2017/AMD1:2021. The certified Iontra charge protocols allow charging at a higher 4.4 V peak charging voltage upper limit and a maximum charging current up to 20A peak.

We now enable charge time improvements on these cells by a factor of up to 2.3x over the standard battery specifications and by a factor of up to 1.6x over our customer’s best charge protocols.

With over 7 million hours of cycling data across several battery cell types and chemistries, and validation reports issued by four independent laboratories, Iontra is the leader in next-generation battery charging. We have proven battery charging solutions that dramatically improve the charge speed, cycle life, capacity utilization, cold weather charging, and safety of all rechargeable batteries.

Iontra is aggressively developing products with our customers and partners across a broad spectrum of battery-operated applications.

For more information on Iontra’s revolutionary charging technology and the performance benefits we deliver, please visit our benefits page.

Iontra and Spectralink to bring ultra-long-lasting enterprise smartphones to market.

Iontra, a leader in advanced battery charging technology, and Spectralink, a pioneer in enterprise communication solutions, today announced a collaboration to bring extended cycle-life battery charging technology to Spectralink’s ruggedized enterprise smartphones.

Iontra’s technology significantly improves battery lifespan, reducing Spectralink’s warranty and service costs, while enhancing the end-user experience and lowering customers’ total cost of ownership. While Spectralink products already support superior battery life that significantly outlasts consumer devices and outpaces competitors, this partnership with Iontra unlocks truly unrivaled battery performance, further expanding the gap versus competition. Iontra has successfully demonstrated that its charging technology extended the Spectralink battery life to over 1800 cycles to 80% capacity (state of health), or three times longer than the current state of the industry.

“Spectralink is an ideal partner for Iontra as we refine our technology for the demanding cell phone market,” said Jeff Granato, CEO at Iontra. “Their ruggedized devices and commitment to quality align perfectly with our vision for extending battery cycle life in applications where this is mission critical.”

“At Spectralink, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to grow our position as an industry leader with exceptionally well-made, sustainable products that keep our customers coming back,” said Andrew Duncan, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Spectralink. “Iontra’s battery charging technology has the potential to be a game-changer for our ruggedized smartphones. By extending battery cycle life, we can ensure our customers maximize their investments and return on our products. We are excited to collaborate with Iontra on this initiative and look forward to showing the industry what is possible.”

Upon successful completion of both development phases, Iontra and Spectralink intend to take Iontra’s technology to market in specific Spectralink products.

Iontra and Salom Partnership

Thought Leadership

Press Release: Salom Partners with Iontra to Integrate Iontra’s Revolutionary battery charging Technology into Salom Products 

Centennial, CO & Hungerford, UK April 2nd 2024 – Iontra Inc, a leader in next-generation battery charging technology, and Salom Europe Limited, a global leader in power supply solutions and battery chargers, today announced a strategic partnership to bring Iontra’s revolutionary charging technology in Salom charger designs to market.  Salom is a leading global power solutions manufacturer and a trusted partner to many Fortune 100 companies, and has supplied more than 3 billion power products in its history. 

This collaboration signifies a major step forward in the broad adoption of Iontra’s charge control technology. The two companies are actively exploring the integration of Iontra into Salom’s OEM customer solutions, whether in the charger products or directly in the end customer devices. Iontra’s charging technology has demonstrated the ability to more than double the useful life of commercially available Lithium batteries and to charge them more than twice as fast and with greater overall safety. As an early power supply solution partner of Iontra technology, Salom continues to expand on its leadership in next-generation charger solutions. 

“We are excited to adopt Iontra’s charging technology to unlock the full potential of Lithium-ion battery performance for millions of consumers,” said Andy Richardson, Vice-President of business development at Salom Europe Limited. “Combined with Salom’s proven portfolio of innovative power supply and charger solutions, we will begin to offer significant advantages to our customers by maximizing battery charge performance and cycle life, as well as enabling our customers to accelerate their corporate sustainability goals cost-effectively.” 

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with an established leader and globally respected company like Salom,” said Jeff Granato, CEO at Iontra. “This is an important milestone to make Iontra’s charge technology broadly accessible by partnering with Salom to begin the charging technology revolution.” 

About Salom: 

Salom is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of power supplies and battery chargers. The company’s products are used by millions of consumers worldwide and are known for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Salom Europe Limited is headquartered in Hungerford, UK.  To learn more, visit 

About Iontra: 

Founded in 2013, Iontra is a deep-tech Colorado-based fabless semiconductor and software solutions company that dramatically improves the charge speed, cycle life, capacity utilization, cold weather charging, and safety of all Lithium batteries. The company has offices in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Bangalore, India. To learn more, visit 

See the PR Newswire Release

Iontra and Ionworks Partnership

Thought Leadership

Iontra and Ionworks Partnership Speeds Up Time to Market With Faster, More Accurate Battery Performance Simulations

Iontra, a leader in innovative battery charge control technology, and Ionworks, a pioneer in the battery modeling and simulation space, jointly announce a strategic partnership to deliver the industry’s most accurate and fastest simulations of Iontra’s groundbreaking battery charge control technology.

Through this partnership, Iontra will utilize Ionworks’ technology, adopting their industry-standard open-source PyBaMM framework, co-developed by the Ionworks team, and leveraging their advanced parameterization technology.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ionworks to expand the development of our next-generation battery charge control technology. This collaboration enables our customers to reduce their development time and cost to implement Iontra Charge Control protocols in their products” said Manoj Koul, Chief Technology Officer for Iontra.

“Partnering with Iontra allows us to further refine our simulation and modeling technology for real-world battery charging applications,” said Valentin Sulzer, Ionworks Co-Founder and CEO. “By working with the Iontra team and technology, we can ensure our tools are the best in the market, tailored to the industry’s growing needs.”

By combining two world-class technologies, the companies are poised to unlock the full potential of existing and future battery systems.


About Iontra:

Founded in 2013, Iontra is a Colorado-based battery innovation company that dramatically improves the charge speed, cycle life, capacity utilization, cold weather charging, and safety of all Lithium batteries. The company has offices in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Bangalore, India. To learn more, visit

About Ionworks:

Ionworks is a battery software company founded in 2023 by members of the core development team of the leading open-source battery modeling solution, PyBaMM. The company’s mission is to accelerate battery R&D using physics-based modeling and machine learning, with applications from materials development and cell design to BMS and digital twins. Ionworks can significantly reduce the high time and cost associated with R&D by enabling scientists and engineers to replace real experiments with accurate simulations that are a fraction of the cost and far quicker to run. Ionworks’ open-core platform built around PyBaMM is positioned as the go-to tool for battery R&D due to its cutting-edge physics and ease of integration with cloud infrastructure, machine learning, hardware-in-the-loop and endless configurability.